Difference between submersible pump and sewage pump

Non-clogging sewage pump maintenance

At present, there is a practical sewage pump on the market, that is, non-blocking sewage pump, so this kind of sewage pump really does not appear to be blocked? In fact, if you are operating normally, and when you choose the products produced by the manufacturer, there will generally be no blockage. Of course, if you want to make it work freely, you still need maintenance and maintenance.

How to choose a non-clogging sewage pump?

1. Considering sex and carrying capacity

The choice of non-blocking sewage pump is important, because when working, the solid material of the conveying medium needs to be mixed with the liquid, which requires it to be in the sealing, motor bearing, bearing arrangement and daily use. Good quality assurance, the requirements for it are relatively high. In the choice of sewage pump, there are many aspects need to pay attention to, for example, to take into account the sealing and carrying capacity.

2. Flow

The flow rate of non-blocking sewage pump needs to be selected according to the water flow rate. When we need to adjust the displacement, what we need to do is to choose according to the number of hours of displacement.

3. The head of the non-blocking sewage pump needs to be paid attention to in accordance with the rise, so as to calculate the loss of the pipeline well. For example, if the material inside contains sediment during transmission, the bearing capacity and sealing performance of the sewage pump are required to be much better than those of the common sewage pump. Normally, the non-blocking sewage pump is selected. When we choose and order, we should also pay attention to the sealing and carrying capacity of the sewage pump we choose.

How to maintain a non-clogging sewage pump?

As far as the current situation is concerned, in order to ensure the service life of the non-blocking sewage pump, many factories now pay attention to the pump protection system, that is to say, when there are some situations in the sewage pump, such as leakage, overload, overheating, etc., the system can automatically alarm and automatically stop for maintenance.

Therefore, we have installed a protection system in the sewage pump, so that we can protect the safe operation of the electric pump. Although this method has a great role, but more passive, the key is to solve the problem of non-blocking sewage pump seal, overload and so on.