Xianju County Hongtai Pump Co., Ltd.

Quality first, customer first

1994 Year

Nearly two hundred specifications of products

10 +

Dozens of product series

200 +

Nearly two hundred specifications of products

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dare to fight

born in sorrow, died in peace. Starting from the grass roots, the survival of the cracks, "dare to fight" is the original gene of Hongtai's survival and development

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Businesses will never change ". "Change" is the source of Hongtai's strength to improve itself.

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Ahead is the result of self-innovation. Forever questioning, independent exploration and "innovation" are the main ways for Hongtai to gain advanced advantages.

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Things of a feather flock together, people are divided into groups, and the heart of "I" is touched by the heart of "you. Sincere to each other, concise and popular, "real" is the basis for bringing all "Hongtai people" together.

core enterprise spirit

1, no excuse, resolutely obey, the result is supreme;

2. If there is an order, do it: immediately, immediately, now;

3. If there is a ban, stop it: be resolute, decisive and responsible;

4. For all the company's instructions, the executive can achieve "clear standards, optimized processes, attention to details, and good results".

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Factory Live

The company now has a modern management level of management personnel, designers, professional production personnel, marketing personnel, and advanced production equipment

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