Measures to Improve the Operating Life of High Temperature Gear Pump

Maintain the normal operation of high temperature gear pump
The high temperature gear pump should be regularly overhauled and maintained after a period of time to ensure the better operation of the high temperature gear pump.
High temperature gear pump operation and maintenance methods are:
1, start should be injected into the pump delivery liquid.
2. Check the tightness of all pipeline flanges and joints before starting.
3, start should be injected into the pump delivery liquid. Disc coupling, no friction and collision sound.
4. Before starting, the valves in the suction and discharge pipelines should be fully opened, and the shut-off valve should be strictly started.
5. After verifying the rotation direction of the motor, start the motor.
Measures to improve the operating life of high temperature gear pump:
I. Because the pump body operates at high temperature, the pipe shall be provided with hinged support during cold installation to prevent pipe displacement after heating up.
II. The coupling is hot-straightening after the pump body heats up to avoid additional torque during operation.
III. Interlock stop alarm shall be set at the pump outlet pressure measuring point, otherwise, once the discharge pipeline is blocked, the pump body will be easily damaged.
IV. When the pump is started, when no pressure is formed at the outlet, it cannot be blindly increased to prevent premature damage to the shaft or bearing.
V. When cleaning the pipetting, do not use the pump to transport the cleaning liquid. The inner parts should be removed and installed after the pipetting is completed to avoid foreign matter mixed into the pump.
VI. The temperature of the heat medium jacket of the pump body can be slightly lower than the heat medium temperature of the front and rear jacket tubes. Because the melt viscosity and shear rate into a decreasing function, gear extrusion, bearing shear will make the melt temperature after the pump rose 3~5 ℃, reduce the heat medium temperature can prevent melt degradation. The data show that by reducing the temperature of the bearing area, the bearing capacity can be greatly increased, there is no need to replace the large-capacity pump, and the output capacity of the gear pump can be increased by 50% only by increasing the speed.
VII. Speed increase should be carried out slowly, do not make the front and rear pressure rise sharply, so as not to damage the bearing or make the melt block the lubrication channel.
VIII. The melt filter behind the pump outlet should be replaced regularly, and do not run at high pressure or even upper pressure limit for a long time.
IX. Regular replacement of bearings can save maintenance costs. When it is found that the amount of wear on the inner surface of the shaft or bearing is close to the thickness of the hardened layer, the shaft can be polished and used again, and only the bearing can be replaced, which can extend the life of the pump shaft by 8 to 10 years.
XI. In case of power failure or interruption of heat medium circulation for more than 3Omin, the pump should be disassembled and cleaned and reassembled to avoid melt solidification. Pyrolysis, etc., resulting in poor lubrication of bearings and damage to the pump.