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Xianju Hongtai Pump Co., Ltd.

Quality first and customer-oriented

Incorporated in 1994, Hongtai is a hydraulic component manufacturer specialized in the production of high-performance hydraulic pumps, with dozens of products in nearly 200 specifications covering high-pressure vane pumps, gear pumps, high-temperature oil pumps, and hand pumps.


The Company, thanks to cutting-edge technologies, complete equipment and strong technical force, has recently developed a new series of advanced high-pressure vane pumps at home and abroad The pumps are highly spoken of among users for reasonable structure, advanced performance, high efficiency, low noise, light pressure pulsation and excellent reliabilityI, and widely used in various fields like machine tools, plastic machinery, forging machinery, mining engineering machinery, petrochemical machinery, thermoelectric equipment, transportation machinery, and agricultural machinery. 

  • 1994

    The Company was founded in 1994

  • 10


    Dozens of product series

  • 200


    Nearly 200 specifications

The Company will, as always, guided by the "quality first and customer-oriented" policy, make greater efforts to produce more high-quality, energy-saving and environment-friendly products to meet the needs of users from all walks of life.

 Hongtai Pump

Dare to win

One thrives from hardships and withers with current contentment. We started from nothing and survived from sufferings, which helped us understand the root of development – “Dare to win”.

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Reform for success

What never changes is "change" itself. We constantly introduce what we need and make “reforms” for improving ourselves. 

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Innovation for the future

Advance is the outcome of self-innovation. With perpetual questioning and independent exploration, we lead the industry with "innovation".

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Sincerity to gather

As birds of a feather flock together, we are one of those with “integrity” and “sincerity" that make you and us closer. 

Core spirits

1、No excuse, be obedient, results first;

2、Act as ordered: Immediately, at once, now;

3、Stop as banned: Resolutely, decisively, responsibly;

4、All the instructions of the Company, all of us are able to “understand standards, optimize process, focus on details and achieve good results". 

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Our plants

The Company has a group of management staff, designers, production personnel and marketing personnel, as well as advanced production equipment.

 Hongtai Pump
 Hongtai Pump

Service hotline:

Mobile: +86-13606766191

Add: No. 6-2, Fengxi East Road, Yong'an industrial cluster, Fuying street, Xianju County

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